The Society Of the Cincinnati in The State of Connecticut

The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776-1828. Left: Jonathan Trumbull Jr. (1740-1809) - Speaker of the Us House of Representatives. Right: Jonathan Trumbull Sr. (1710-1785) - Governor of Connecticut
The Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, 1775. Right: William Hull (1753-1825) - Lieutenant-Colonel in the Continental Army
The Resignation of General Washington, December 23, 1783. Left: Thomas Y. Seymour (1757-1811) - Lieutenant in the 2nd Continental Regiment of the Dragoons
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 1777

Lt Nathan Haynes Whiting

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Nathan Haynes Whiting was born at New Haven, Connecticut on 06 November 1759. His father, Col. Nathan Whiting (Yale, 1743) was an officer in the French war and present at the capture of Louisburg. Nathan Haynes Whiting’s grandmother was a descendant of John Haynes, first Governor of Connecticut.


Nathan Haynes Whiting died on 16 September 1801. His estate was insolvent.


Nathan Haynes Whiting married Ruth Hooker, the only child of Rev. Nat. Hooker on 13 January 1782. His wife died 28 October 1783.


One son who survived his parents.




Nathan Haynes Whiting settled in West Hartford, Connecticut where he practiced law after the war. He held local office and served in the Legislature in seven sessions between 1784 and 1799. He held a position of Justice of the Peace from 1790 until his death.


Ensign of Webb’s Additional Continental Regiment, 9th April, 1780; transferred to 3d Connecticut, 1st January, 1781; Lieutenant, 10th February, 1781; retired 1st January 1783.

Whiting entered service early in 1780, by joining Col. S. B. Webb’s Continental Regiment, then commanded by Lieut. Col. Huntington – the following letter best explains his connection with the regiment:

Camp Steen Rappi, 7th Sept. 1780,

5 miles North from Hackinsack.


I would beg Liberty to recommend Mr. Nathan Haines Whiting for an Ensigncy in the 9th Connecticut Regiment —- he is a young Gentleman of family & Education, & hath serv’d some time as a Volunteer in the Regt. His Ensigncy to bear date from the 9th day of April last. The small number of officers in the Regiment make it necessary that his appointment should be made as soon as Possible, as your Excellency will see by the enclos’d Return of officers.

I am, with the Greatest Respect and Esteem,

Your Excellency’s Most Ob and very Humble Servant,

Eben. Huntington,

Lieut.-Col. Comdg 9th Conn. Regt.

His Excellency, Gov. Trumbull.

Nathan Haynes Whiting received his appointment, and in February 1781 was promoted Lieutenant in Webb’s Third Connecticut. In June 1781 he was transferred to Scammell’s Light Infantry and marched to Virginia under Lieut. Col. Ebenezer Huntington where he participated in the Battle of Yorktown.


Original Member.


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Biographical information compiled by V. Allen Gray.