The Society Of the Cincinnati in The State of Connecticut

The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776-1828. Left: Jonathan Trumbull Jr. (1740-1809) - Speaker of the Us House of Representatives. Right: Jonathan Trumbull Sr. (1710-1785) - Governor of Connecticut
The Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, 1775. Right: William Hull (1753-1825) - Lieutenant-Colonel in the Continental Army
The Resignation of General Washington, December 23, 1783. Left: Thomas Y. Seymour (1757-1811) - Lieutenant in the 2nd Continental Regiment of the Dragoons
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 1777

Surg David Holmes 1721-1779

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Biography of Dr David Holmes 1-Jul-2012 by Lawrence K. Casey, Jr.

Birth: 11 Aug 1721, Woodstock (Windham) CT [Vital Records of Woodstock 1686-1854 (Hartford CT 1914) p. 26]

Death: 10 Mar 1779, Woodstock (Windham) CT [Clarence Bowen, History of Woodstock CT (Plimpton Press 1926) p. 89]

Marriage: m1-int) Mehitable Mayo Apr 1743 Oxford (Worcester) MA [Vital Records of Oxford MA (Franklin P. Rice, 1905); m-2 Temperance Bishop 12 Nov 1761 Woodstock (Windham) CT [Vital records of Woodstock p297]

Children: Children Dr David Holmes; By First Wife (Mehitabel Mayo): David b. 17 Apr 1744, Oxford (Worcester) MA [Bowen , op.cit. p. 89 #58; d. 29 Oct 1748, Woodstock (Windham) CT [VR Woodstock p310; m: No; DY; (2) Asa b.12 Aug 1746, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p89 #59; VR Woodstock p. 91, 99]; (3) Bille (Abiel) b. 29 Jan 1747/8, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 89 #60; VR Woodstock p. 99, 503; d. 4 Feb 1747/8 Woodstock (Windham) CT; m: No Died young; (4) David b. 20 Jan 1748/9, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 89 #61; VR Woodstock p99] d. 11 Feb 1748/9, Woodstock Windham CT [VR Woodstock p. 311]; m. No died young; (5) Tabitha, b. 28 Jan 1749/50 [History of Woodstock, p. 89 #62; VR Woodstock p. 99; d. __________; m. Southwell; (6) Bathshua, b. 6 May 1753, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 89 #63; VR Woodstock p106; d. 25 Jan 1833; m. 21 Jan 1773, Capt Hezekiah Bugbee; By Second Wife (Temperance Bishop): (1) David, b. 17 Aug 1762, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 89 #64; VR Woodstock p122; d. 29 Jun 1832, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 93] ; m. Hannah Lyon, 1 Jan 1789, Woodstock (Windham CT) History of Woodstock, p. 93]; (2) Abiel, b. 24 Dec 1763, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 89 #65, 93, 94; VR Wood stock p. 123, 136; d. 4 Jun 1837, Cambridge (Middlesex) MA History of Woodstock, p. 93] ; m. Mary Stiles, 29 Aug 1790, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock,, p. 93]; m-2 Sarah Wendell, 26 Mar 1801 [History of Woodstock, p. 94]; (3) Sanford, b. 11 Dec 1765, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 90 #66 p. 95; VR Woodstock p132; d. 14 May 1834, Millbury (Worcester) MA; m. Rhoda Clark, 21 May 1806, of Hopkinton (Washington) RI; (4) Lathrop, b. 7 May 1768, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 90 #67, p96; VR Woodstock p136]; d. Apr 1801, At sea; m. Sarah Sumner, 30 Jan 1794, of Midway (Liberty) GA; (5) Leonard, b. 17 Apr 1770, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 90 #68, p96; VR Woodstock p159; d. 16 Sep 1845, Woodstock (Windham) CT; m. Sally Lyon 27 Nov 1794; (6) Hartwell, b. 17 Mar 1772, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 90 #69, p97; VR Woodstock p159]; d. 4 Dec 1825, Woodstock (Windham) CT; m. Lois Pellet, 9 Jul 1797 [Descendants of George Holmes & John Holmes (Gray, 1908) p351]; (7) Temperance, 4 Jan 1774, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 90 #70; VR Woodstock p159]; d. 20 Mar 1795, ____________; m Israel Williams, 3 Apr 1794;
(8) Liberty, 3 Apr 1776, Woodstock (Windham) CT [History of Woodstock, p. 90 #71; VR Woodstock p159; d. 1808/9; m. Susanna Quaterman.

Education: He attended Thaddeus Mason’s School in Woodstock, CT [History of Woodstock CT p89]

Military: He served as a captain and Surgeon in three campaigns in the French and Indian War in Col Fitch’s Regiment [History of Woodstock, p. 89]. He responded to the Lexington Alarm in April 1775 as a Surgeon of the volunteers from the town of Woodstock CT [CT Adjutants General, Records of Service of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution (Hartford CT, 1889) p. 27, hereinafter “CMWR”]. He was commissioned a Surgeon in the 8th Regiment, Connecticut Line (formation of 1777-1781) 1 Jan 1777 CMWR p229; Quoted from CMWR p229, “Raised from Jan 1, 77 for the new Continental Line” to serve through the war. Enlisted in Litchfield and other Counties, Went into the field at Camp Peekskill, spring of ’77. Ordered into Pennsylvania in Sept, under Gen McDougall, it fought at Germantown Oct 4, ’77 and suffered some loss. Assigned to Varnum’s Brigade Oct 16. …. Wintered at Valley Forge ’77-’78. and on June 28th following present at the battle of Monmouth. Encamped during the summer at White Plains with Huntington’s Brigade. Wintered ’78-’79 at Redding.” Surgeon 8th Connecticut, 1st January 1777, died 20th March 1779. [Francis Heitman, Historical Register, Officers of the Continental Army, reprint of 1914, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore 1967]

Cincinnati: First represented in 1933, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1902. He died in Washington, DC 6 Mar 1935. No Issue. Second represented in 1935 by Edward Jackson Holmes.

Occupation: Physician [History of Woodstock CT, p. 89] “David Holmes from Woodstock appears to have been the first physician at the Centre, and was here from 1752-1760 at least.” [George F. Daniels History of the Town of Oxford Massachusetts (Oxford, MA 1892) p256.

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