The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Connecticut

The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776-1828. Left: Jonathan Trumbull Jr. (1740-1809) - Speaker of the Us House of Representatives. Right: Jonathan Trumbull Sr. (1710-1785) - Governor of Connecticut
The Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, 1775. Right: William Hull (1753-1825) - Lieutenant-Colonel in the Continental Army
The Resignation of General Washington, December 23, 1783. Left: Thomas Y. Seymour (1757-1811) - Lieutenant in the 2nd Continental Regiment of the Dragoons
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 1777

Capt Stephen Billings 1750-1798

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Biography of Captain Stephen Billings, Jr. April-22-2012 by Daryl Vincent Verstreate. Jr.

Birth: 1750, Ledyard (New London) CT [Hist. Ledyard 101]

Death: 29 Jan. 1798, prob. Ledyard (New London) CT
[Pension file W2253]

Marriage: Cynthia Hewitt (1774) and Anna Raymond (1787) [Pension file w2253].

Children: By Cynthia Hewitt (1774) four sons and one daughter, Anna Raymond (1787) four daughters and one son. [History Town of Ledyard 1650-1900 by Rev John Avery 1901]. Nancy Billings with no Birthdate or death date [DAR Patriot Index online]. Betsy Billings, Nancy Billings, Eunice Billings, Andrew Billings, and J**nny Billings [Pension file w2253].

Education: Details of his education are unknown.

Military: Sgt. 8 May 1775 Col Persons(sp). 20 June 1776 Ensign under Col Samuel Mott. January 1, 1777 second Lieutenant under Herman Swift, Esq Colonel. 16 March 1777 Lieutenant seventh Connecticut Regiment. 27 November 1781 Captain until close of the war.

Cincinnati: Died after the formation of the Society of the Cincinnati; first represented by a prospective member
Hereditary Member who joined in 2012.Was a founding member of the Society of Cincinnati.


Discussion: 8 May 1775 enlisted as a Sergeant under Captain Spicer for the term of seven months. June of the same year joined a regiment at New London commanded by Col Persons(sp) 20th of June aforesaid marched for Boston and arrived at Roxbury in about five days and there joined the grand army and there remained until the 10 of December the same year and was honorably discharged. 20 June 1776 was appointed Ensign in the Continental Army under Col Samuel Mott. 1 July Marched to Ticonderoga after about fourteen days arrived at Scheensborough were he was under General Waterbury. On January 1, 1777 he was appointed second Lieutenant in a regiment commanded by Herman Swift, Esq Colonel. 16 March 1777 he was appointed Lieutenant in the seventh Connecticut Regiment in the Army of the United States to take the rank such the third day November 1777. 27 November 1781 he was appointed Captain in the Connecticut line of the Army of the United States to the rank such from 5 Oct 1780 until the close of the War., he remained unrepresented in the Society of the Cincinnati since the founding. (Until 2012). [Pension file w2253]